Guest Post: Hannah from signed,xoxohannah

Alright gawjus? Thanks for still reading whilst I’m away… today we have a guest post from the first ‘blogging friend’ I reached out to. Hannah is flipping amazing and I adore her. I want to squish her until she tells me to stop…have you seen how cute she is?!

Hello Pigeon’s Nest readers, I’m so excited to be taking over while Bex is out and share with you what makes me happy!


My name is Hannah and I am the blogger and designer behind signed, xoxohannah and signed, xoxohannah custom blog designs. I spend my days as a full-time assistant in the Washington DC Metro area and in my spare time I go on adventures with my fiance, enjoy leisure photography, bake, and create custom blog designs. There are really so many things that make me happy. I’ll be honest. I get happy a lot and over the small, simple things in life so this post could get really long if I let it. So today I’m going to share with you 4 things that are making me happy right now.


FIRST – I don’t want to say fashion because I don’t think I’m fashionable. I’m going to say my style-journey. As a lifetime tomboy I have felt awkward in my skin as I’ve grown up and become a “woman”. So this year I decided that it was time to focus on expressing “me”. The tomboy. The professional. The goofball. The woman. The girl. The fiance. And affectionately, “the lazy”. It gets scary trying new things but this journey is more fun already than I could have expected and I love being able to share it and record it on my blog..


SECOND – I LOVE SUNSETS. There is something magical about sunsets. I grew up in the desert and I wouldn’t say that our sunsets were beautiful. The sunrise, on the other hand, was the most peaceful thing I’ve experienced. I used to climb up through Red Rock National Park at 6-7AM to watch the sunrises. It wasn’t until I moved to the east coast that I truly fell in love with sunsets. There isn’t anything like it. This is my quirk and you will find lots of Instagram photos of sunsets on my feed.


THIRD – Do you remember how I told you I was a tomboy up in number 1? Well then, you can imagine that through my journey I’ve found this thing called colored nail polish and it’s awesome! From ages 16-21 I went to the same nail lady albeit not regularly but after 5 years you just become a regular. I swear she rolled her eyes at me for years because I would never get anything other than nude or french on ANY of my nails. Naturally, the day I finally started wearing colors was a big day. I’m a creature of habit. Either way, this has become one of my favorite things.


FOURTH – Last, but CERTAINLY not least is little dates with this handsome man. Life throws us all curveballs whether it be personally, professionally, or any other “ly” but knowing that little adventures with my best friend are right around the corner always makes my days go a little faster and a little easier. Our little dates make this one of the number one things that always makes me happy!

I’m sure I could go on for days about all the things that make me happy, big and small. Signed, xoxohannah is my place to share all of the things that make me happy so I hope that you’ll come visit! You can also see my ramblings on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Big thanks to Bex for having me visit today! I am so glad I had the opportunity to come write for everyone.


Fit right?! Pop over and see her pronto!

One response to “Guest Post: Hannah from signed,xoxohannah

  1. I adore Hannah. She’s sweet and funny and talented and hey, she makes ME happy 🙂

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