What I Wore: The Colombian Wedding

May I just announce before we go ANY further…my full on blunt fringe and I have fallen out…..excuse it’s crapolaness in all and any upcoming holiday pictures. The relationship didn’t last long, but I have found it too high maintenance. I am totally NOT a girl who should keep a comb in her bag…too much….far too bloody much. My side fringe and I will be very happy together.

Anyway, back on track. This is what I wore to P’s brother’s wedding in Colombia. The happy couple requested full length evening wear for the ladies. Cue my utter horror and anguish. There is very few frocks out there that I class as ‘full length’ without having to spend a ‘serious’ amount of money.

I spend hours upon hours looking for the perfect dress that would fall to the floor on me and that I could chuck in my carry-on handbag without it resembling a paper bag on arrival. I also, of course, didn’t want to spend too much money on a dress that I would rarely wear.

I was honestly at the end of my rope by the time I fell into the Personal Shopper area in Debenhams. I begged the lovely lady to help me find a dress long enough that didn’t make me look eighty and twice my actual size. And after a few misses, this is what she brought back into the changing area.

Image from Phase Eight Website – Buy it here

Tall ladies, Phase Eight dresses come up slightly longer than most. I was saved!

This dress is called ‘Arabella’ and it is made from a fab jersey fabric that was crease free after being rolled and stuffed into the tiniest space possible. And I managed to grab it on a sale day. FAB.

I teamed it with a cream pashmina, my favourite glam studs and jewelled headband from Primark and my gemmed sparkley shoes which I have had for actual eons.


11 responses to “What I Wore: The Colombian Wedding

  1. Love the dress! beautiful colour!
    I can totally relate about the fringe though.. I had one a few years back and couldn’t believe how hard it was to maintain!! Side fringes are SO much easier!

    • Thanks!
      The fringe has been a total ‘mare. My friend has a full block fringe and hers alway always looks FIT…she is much more committed (and her hair behaves).

      I love your blog! x

  2. you look lovely!love the dress! 😀

  3. The dress looks fab, – well accessorised missus. I can relate to the fringe dliema – ive got a full fringe but as my hair is very fine its always ends up sticking up in ‘calf licks’ grrrrr! :o(

  4. Your outfit is fabulous! I love that color on you! And the background is just gorgeous in the first picture!

  5. Bless your cottons. Dark blue is seriously my favourite skin tone colour. And I know right….There was a waterfall INSIDE their reception venue… mental!

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