How To: Make a Comic Covered Notebook

Need to make a speedy pressie for a boy? Or a geeky man?

Here is an easy tutorial to create a one of a kind notebook!

I made this for a friend of mine, who is obsessed with comics, and who is leaving work to start training as a teacher. I thought this would be great for him to scribble down all his planning notes in.

What you will need…

A4 Ringbound Hardback Notebook
A comic of your choice (I had a vintage 50’s one laying about from a  car boot sale)
PVA Glue
Duct Tape

Now before you all get your knickers in a twist, I didn’t chop up a 1950’s comic. I popped into work and took a few photocopies, and then gifted the comic along the notebook.

Cut around the edges of each frame. I tried to mix up sections of the comic too, so I had lots of different sections on the front and back covers.

Lay them out on your notebook in an attractive fashion, leaving a straight edge where the rings meet the cover and then begin pasting them down with PVA Glue. Ensure some of the edges of the comic reach further than the notebook cover so you can fold it them over and finish it nicely.

Do a layer of PVA glue on top of your pictures to ensure they are all secure and nicely finished. Leave all your loose frame edges sticking over the edges of the notebook.

Allow to dry overnight, folding your loose comic frame edges in and under whilst the glue dries.

Once all the PVA is dry, duct tape the frame edges down on the inside of the cover.

And Voila! A Comic Covered notebook.

I might make a few of these for other friends for Christmas this year using some other vintage style comics or newspapers. The Dandy anyone?



One response to “How To: Make a Comic Covered Notebook

  1. Loks great, I have one or two peeps whoo might like this. Thanks for sharing. :o)

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