Shop Signage

I was very lucky to be contacted a month or two ago by a wonderful company called , who asked if I wanted a sign for my shop.

I jumped at the chance! A banner? For free?! OF COURSE!

Their online tools were really easy to use and I (even using my very limited tech savvy skills) created my banner, planning to use it for the front of my craft stall.

It came in a few weeks, and it is really high spec and waterproof, which will be great for interior and exterior fairs. The only problem with it is that I ordered an utterly MASSIVE one…so make sure you measure and measure again! I may add that this was nothing wrong on the side of the fabulous banner folks, just me….being a bit thick….

When you pop over there please don’t be put of  by it being a US site, they have a base of operations right here in the UK, and all the to’ing and fro’ing of emails I have had with them have proved them to be friendly and generally bloody lovely.

A basic banner like the one I ordered would actually only cost around £12.50 with postage from these lovely guys.

I can’t wait to get a big table and be able to use it at an event! Hooray!


One response to “Shop Signage

  1. looks superduper! May have to investigate for myself x

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