Thrifty Find: The £7.50 Bedside Table

Yes…. this is a shower stand from IKEA. The place of actual dreams. I honestly should not gush about how much I fricking love IKEA. That would be a gazillion word post that nobody wants to read.
Anyway, I decided to buy one of these to plonk on my craft stall to help show off my products. See….I’m not just a hat-rack. This is the perfect thing for that job!

Then when I got it home, I remembered that we outgrew this tiny flat about 2 months after moving into it and I had nowhere to store the damn thing.

Then I had an actual brainwave….

Since we moved in, I have bedside table-less. We have pull out drawers under the bed, which means I have been living with my bedtime need-nears like this….

Sad isn’t it? Like a nightstand shanty town.

My skincare products were balanced on top of a small lamp along with my alarm clock and I typically knocked it all off twice a week….when of course trying to be super quiet and sneaky like. My books were stood on fortnightly and I had to revert to a bottle of water instead of a glass because I kept kicking it over. EPIC FAIL.

Insert genius idea!

Now I have a bedside table that I can easily lift one-handed when I have to get to this drawer and I have the perfect ‘in-plain sight’ storage site for this piece of kit that I will use on my craft stalls.

I didn’t want to put a shelf in our something more permanent as we aren’t planning on being living here this time next year, so in hindsight this little self-standing shower stand was a perfect purchase.

Do have any genius uses for storage things as other things? I would love to see them!


5 responses to “Thrifty Find: The £7.50 Bedside Table

  1. yes! What an excellent solution to many problems all rolled into one happy ikea bundle! Clever pigeon! x

  2. Fabulous! Ive got something very similar in green plastic coated wire which was sold as a ‘pan stand’ Ive been using as a shower caddy for years. :o)

  3. Hee hee, my other little trick wasnt so much a storage one. The binmen broke the wheels on our Black wheelie bin, so OH chopped the bottom off it, then we turned it upside down and have got a new compost bin, complete with original lid -theres a pic on my under the post ‘I do beleive it might be Summer at last’ (shameless plug) :o)

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