A Kitchen-Table Christmas

Yeah, yeah, throw bricks at me…I’m talking about Christmas in September. I don’t even fricking care anymore. I start planning Christmas in March…it is not a dirty word in our house.

Before you trudge down to your local high street to battle other world-weary buyers on a dismal Saturday afternoon on the run up to christmas, buying yet another box of smellies from Boots… I would like to divert your attention to the plethora of wonderful and talented folks who create beautiful thingummies for all types of people.

If you didn’t know, there is a world of small businesses out there, swashbuckling with Royal Mail and the Tax Man, trying hard to reach you, yes you, with the gorgeous things they make and sell from their kitchen tables/2nd bedrooms/sofas.

You can find them on Facebook, you can find them via Twittter, you could hotfoot it to a craft fair or two before Christmas, but for your convienence, here are a few folks and their wares that I adore!


Dayner runs Mozzypop, and it is her dream to run her little business full time. She creates and sources gorgeous items and sells them for really good prices. Find a perfect gift for your daughter/sister/friend (and yourself!). I have personally bought things for myself from Dayner, and I wear them all the time. She pops them in the post quickly and never fails to impress.

A set of 3 Pink toned Dahlia Earrings – £4.00Curly Mustache Ring – £2.50

Teal Faux Leather Satchel – £28.00

Lovers Orchard

Carolyn and Karen set up Lovers Orchard with the idea to offer shoppers a place to find quirky, clever or beautiful gift for someone special – without breaking the bank. Carolyn, who is an artist herself, wanted somewhere where aritsts and talented craftspeople could feel supported within the creative community. It does just that.

Ceramic glazed lip dishes by Claire Watson – £3.00

Biscuit Pots – £6.00

Train in a Tin – £9.99


Jennifer is the mother of two small boys, and she runs Twinkleballs, a bespoke cake topper business. I love her creations that you can pop into a clear bauble and hang on your tree! What a perfect gift!

Pop over and visit her website to see her full range of christmassy critters!

Mrs Mcindoe

Naomi is lovely. FACT. I speak to her via Twitter and through our blogs, and she is proper nice. Not only does she have manners and grace, she also creates the most gorgeous pieces of art that I have ever seen, by paper cutting. I have got my eye on a few of her rabbit greeting cards that I want to frame in my new home…..P loves bunnies…How about framing one of them for a christmas pressie?

Yellow Rabbits Greetings Card – £2.75

Linked Rabbits Greeting Card – £2.75

Rabbit Moon (My fave!) Greeting Card – £2.75

The Pink Strawberry

The Pink Strawberry is a little Facebook business that has been running for over a year. Facebook is truly a great way to fond Kitchen Table sellers and I love the things that this little shop posts into my shop feed! She has a sale on these at the moment… £4 each with P&P! What a great deal for a stocking filler! To buy leave a comment on the item you would like to purchase.

Pop over to her Facebook shop for more lovely bits!

Mothers & Daughters

I have personally bought from Cristine and I love her products. She makes them all herself and each batch is made with so much love and care. I especially love her travel sized cocoa butter bars that are £1 each! Such a bargain and some lovely scents. Also her postage is £4…however much you buy… so load up!Cocoa Butter Bar – £1 (I love the coconut one!)Dry face scrubs (just add water/milk/juice) – £3.50Bath Delight Gift Box – £7.00

Please support small businesses this Christmas. Buy something unique for those you love and get great service from people who care about their customers in the meantime.


10 responses to “A Kitchen-Table Christmas

  1. Awhh thanks for sharing this post and people!I’m always desperate to buy Christmas presents from independent places.unfortunately I seem to b surrounded by people who don’t necessarily agree,which makes Christmas traumatic!!especially hard are those that a)only like expensive things and openly look disapprovingly on homemade =( b)those that don’t like anythinnnng!!Any ideas!I too have been talking of Christmas for months,I think u need to if u like to homemake!incidentally I just posted about ChrisTmas on my blog!xx

    • Gosh….I really only give homemade/handmade pressies…and they always received really well….mainly because if people turn their noses up I won’t get them anything next year! 😀
      I love all the bits you popped on your blog! Bring on December!

  2. Great blog post, decided I need that teal bag in my life asap!! I love buying from craft fairs for Christmas. I’ve known my best friend since we were babies so I’ve bought her all the usual Boots sets/accessorize stuff for previous Xmases so I always look for hand made stuff that’s a bit unique

    • I love the raspberry one as well…I am hanging on till after my house move before i buy too much! 😀
      Most people really appreciate stuff that is off high street…I love stuff I haven’t seen before!

  3. Fab Post, pidgie. ;O) – I Luve the teal faux leather bag – a gorgeous colour. I try and make Xmas pressies where I can but as OH’s family is huuuuge I tend to get a bit stuck for ideas, so I might to have a gander at some of these sites and spend some pennies on some wonderful stuff no-one else from our family will find. :o)

  4. This is a fantastic post! Love the way you write.

    Thanks so much for featuring me. I am one of those people that much prefer to receive homemade/unique gifts and can’t bear receiving another bloody Boots smelly set that’ll never get used!

    Dayner x my blog – mozzypop.com

  5. Christmas not a dirty word around here. I’m looking into knitting projects and a good friend came over with her craft basket and started making felt gingerbread men tree decorations. Christmas Gifts happily given and received in previous years inc home made essential oil blends, bath salts, knitted bits and bobs, chutneys, gingerbread and table centres!

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