5 Things I am Loving Right Now (September 2012)

Hi guys!

It has been a WHOLE month since I have vlogged. Being so busy here at the nest, crafting for the wedding, creating for the shop, bloggin, buying a house and working full time means that vlogging has been the thing I have put on the back burner.

But here you go…my favourite things from September!

I didn’t watch this or edit it before I posted it…I hope I don’t look too troll like!



7 responses to “5 Things I am Loving Right Now (September 2012)

  1. Thank you for giving me my best Halloween costume idea so far; “Scary Make-Up Setting Spray [that shoots you in the face]”. Beats my last idea, which was stealing someone’s baby so I could do this – http://media-cache-ec2.pinterest.com/upload/1688918579950590_cPwLpOYT.jpg

    I love my Ideal Home subscription. But you know what the best thing is? It cost me DIDDLY SQUAT. Tesco do magazine subscriptions in their Clubcard Rewards thingummys, so £16* of Clubcard vouchers that I got for free anyway translated into one whole year of shiny Ideal Homey goodness. Huzzah!!
    *I think

  2. Youve given me a much needed giggle today! Getting your furs out sounds vaguely rude, bless ya. I dont like the cold, wet, miserable weather tho. :o(

  3. Hiya what was the beauty box you subscribe 2? I did use glossy box but it was rubbish! Loving the blog by the way!!!

  4. Subscribed thanks!!!

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