Lasting Till Payday: Is it Worth it?

Now you know me, I love a good tip, and this one of my favourites. My lovely stepmumma has been doing this for years, I never truly appreciated her actual genius until this past year, and now I have jumped on her bandwagon loud and proud.

Work out if what you are spedning your hard earned pennies on is worth it.

I am pretty ramble-tastic in this vid…sorrrrry!

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6 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Is it Worth it?

  1. I do actuallly agree, with this one, I love body shop, some products last forever and well some dont! So I know roughly in my head when I bought it, what I paid of it, when I opened it and the length of time it takes to use that product. If if doesnt last, well steer clear, if it does and if it is on sale I will quite a lot of it and use my love your body card were you get discount. So it is a win win for me. But I do get tempted to try new product and well half the time they are naff and end up in the bin. I think if you also pay good money, the quality of the product is better and it lasts a long time.
    So yes I will be dating my beauty products! Top Tip!!!! young lady lol

  2. Loving this idea. As part of a humoungous family I get all sorts of stuff for b’days xmas etc, so they can stay on the shelf for yonks before I get round to using them (so goodness knows if they are still ok!).
    Also, as Im trying to be more aware of what I use (avoiding stuff with SLS, parabens and other nastys – eg, why do you need the foaming agent SLS (which is used in soaps and shampoos) in mouthwash!!!!) Anyway, the dating idea becomes more important, as the more natural products dont have as many preservatives in them. I love the ‘price per use’ idea. For example, at the moment Im only using coconut oil as a body moisturiser ( a small tub (100g) = 90p – due to staff discount @ work) and lasts me about 2 months), so Im well impressed with that. I shall be dating everything from now on. Brillitant Tip! :o)

    • I only date things as I open them, as it is the air and bacteria that normally makes it go all scummy. They put SLS in mouthwash? Not required!
      Glad you have found it helpful! 😀

  3. This is such a great tip! I’m going to have to remember to do this. 😀

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