The Pigeon’s Nest

As all of you regular readers know, I began running my own little business earlier this year in April.

I was really unsure if it would take off, but at the beginning of September I was breaking even, something I hadn’t seen happening until I had been running for at least 12 months.

I would like to say a very big thank you to all of you who have been supporting me and giving me the confidence to keep making.

So, what have I learnt is the most important thing about being a small business? Promotion of course! So here are a few of my favourite things…

Crochet Baubles – £4 each, or a set of 3 for £10

Crochet Robin Red Breast – £4 each

Tabitha: A Microwavable Monster – £8.00

A range of Hair Grips – £2.oo each

Englebert & The Colonel: Microwavable Handwarmers – £6.00 a pair

And for you my lovely readers, the first 20 people to enter the code ILOVETHEBLOG at the checkout will get 10% their order, plus free shipping if they spend over £10!

Pop over to the shop now or visit my facebook shop!

This code is also international so my lovely out-of-UK readers can use it too! HOORAY!


7 responses to “The Pigeon’s Nest

  1. I bought a hegehog and a birdie last week!!!! I love that craft, but I cannot do uit, it ends up a trail of knots!!!!!!! So I will deffo be supporting you! That is when I get some more money lol!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the robin *clicks buy*

  3. I got them they are better in real life!!!!!

  4. Well done for taking the leap! I love those baubles

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