Lasting Till Payday: Points mean Prizes

Now if you shop at a certain supermarket regularly or always go to Boots or Superdrug, it makes sense to hop on board with their loyalty scheme. We live within walking distance of Sainsbury’s, meaning we are card-carrying Nectar people. I actually save up our points and use them towards Christmas presents, or treats if I am feeling flush.

One lot of ‘points means prizes’ that I personally love is the ‘Disney Movie Rewards’.

Now, you find these little beauties in Disney Dvds & Blu-rays. We have so many DVDs and Blu-rays, that when I first looked through our DVD collection, I managed to earn enough points to get 2 free DVD’s from Disney! They sent them off super quick and then I was in possession of two more voucher codes! All you have to do is register, and there are actually FREE things to download, like activity packs for your sprogs.

So if you have kids, or if like me, you are reliving your childhood, have a quick scout for some of these codes inside your DVD boxes (don’t forget things like Tron & Pirates of the Caribbean!) and earn yourself some freebies!




7 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Points mean Prizes

  1. Sarah P (mabel&bean)

    Brilliant, thanks I didn’t know about this…..I shall be checking in future though! x

  2. Ebay are now giving Nectar points!!

  3. Great tip! I’ve just signed up for a tesco club card just so i can save money on their cute ditsy blouses for next summer! šŸ˜€

  4. Ooh I love nectar points. I buy meal deal lunches with mine sometimes.

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