Lasting Till Payday: Laundry at The Nest

Doing the washing is one of my favourite things to do. The achievement of emptying the washing basket before P can refill is a wonderful feeling….I mean…it will be when I have a space outside to peg it on the line. Currently our washing dries on an airer, in our very cardboard box-filled living room….not my dream situation, but hey, it gets done.

When I left home I realised how expensive things like loo roll (see here how I get around that) and washing powder actually were. And I was shocked…..mouth agape shocked.

So at Uni I brought my laundry home, and when I moved to London I bought the cheapest nastiest stuff available to me and the nicest smelling fabric conditioner that was on offer.

This plan worked for me…I was happy…until I started living with P.

P has sensitive girlie skin that reacts to ALL washing powder except Fairy Non Bio….AND ALL FABRIC CONDITIONERS. I died inside…my washing would never smell of oriental jasmine ever again….

So this is what I do to cut my costs and stop P itching like a mad thing.

1: Date your boxes

Like I vlogged here, dating your stuff is the best way to keep on top of how much you are using and how much it is costing you.

2: Chuck away your big scoop

You need a lot less washing powder than you actually think you do. I use an egg cup sized scoop for my powder. I only use ONE scoop of washing powder now per load.

3: Top up with Bicarb

Bicarbonate of Soda is a wonder product. I already use it for cleaning so I buy it in MASSIVE 3.5kg bags. I add ONE scoop of Bicarb per load. You can use Bicarb on its own, or with soap flakes, but due to P’s freaky skin, I just use it to help aid the washing powder.

4: Ditch your conditioner…for vinegar.

Yeah…you read that right. I have ditched my beloved fake floral scents for the white wine vinegar.

P doesn’t have an allergic reaction to the vinegar, which I also buy in bulk, so I pop an egg cup full into the fabric conditioner drawer. It ensures that all the soap is out of the clothes and it banishes any iffy pit smells left on P’s t-shirts.

5: Fill your machine

Guys…..if you are only half filling your machine you might as well leave notes in your trouser pockets. Fill your machine to capacity EVERY TIME. Each machine has a weight capacity, which should be on the front of the machine or in your manual. Weigh your basket of dirty clothes (weigh the basket first empty and then do some maths, you clever lot!) before you put them in to ensure you won’t damage you machine and pack in heavy AND light fabrics (don’t do JUST towels for example).

I can only hope that my washing will get that ‘fresh’ smell when I get to start hanging it outside, but as long as the stuff is clean and I am pinching pennies, I can get over the loss of the fake scent.

How do you keep laundry costs down?


13 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Laundry at The Nest

  1. I am so glad to see someone else who only uses a tiny bit of washing powder-you just do not need as much as they say on the box! It’s madness!

  2. Genious re; Bircarb tip!! I’m going to be trying that one! Thank you 🙂

  3. Ooo I am loving your frugal ways, does the white vinegar leave any smell? I need to dig out my egg cup pronto!

  4. I never use the amount suggested, it’s always too much! I used to use soap nuts which I found were really good at cleaning clothes but now that I don’t choose the washing detergent used I just use a much smaller amount.

  5. I never use a full scoop either. I wouldn’t use softener but DH likes it (he likes the washing best on the rare occasions my mum, who uses heaps of softener, does it).

    Also beware of overloading your machine. You don’t want to damage the drum.

  6. I might try vinegar! I have to use non-bio as husband also has daftly sensitive skin (he should just man up). I use washing tablets but will def use your powder/bicarb mix when I’m done. Great tips, thanks!

  7. I love these little tips! I am such a spendaholic, and from Jan 1st I’m looking to give up my bad habits and become more thrifty and frugal 🙂

    My main inspiration has been blogs like yours, and I would really appreciate it if you would check mine out and share any suggestions you have.

    Frugalita xx

  8. Hello, love your blog, just found it 🙂 where do you buy your bicarb and vinegar in bulk from? Thanks

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