5 things about moving…

1: What shall I not pack?

I get a bit crazy and want to pack EVERYTHING as soon as possible. You have to remember to keep some things unpacked so you can actually function till moving day. Or be prepared to unpack some stuff because you find that you need a thermos because the weather gets seriously cold.

2: Christmas shopping

I am utterly itching to start my Christmas shopping. I am normally half way finished by now and I cannot wait to get started. And to start cooking for Christmas…I internally drooool at the thought of it.

3: Lack of Internet

I am writing blog posts like mad woman and scheduling to ensure that you guys have lots of lovely stuff to read, and other than that I plan to be so busy decorating and getting our house the way we want it that I won’t actually miss my laptop.

4: Living in chaos

I don’t deal well with chaos. Living amongst piles of boxes has meant that I have had to do an entire filing overhaul to calm my nerves. I actually had to buy P some chocolate to apologise for my actual insanity lately.

5: My new office

Thank a deity! I get to move my blogging and my small business off our sofa and into our new joint office! P’s office is currently so small, I can’t even go sit in there and spend time with him in the evenings. I cannot wait to have my own space for work and I have never been so excited about having a desk…. I have issues…I know.


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