Lasting Till Payday: Reusing Cotton Pads

Ok…hear me out. I haven’t  jumped completely off the ledge.

You know when you tone your face in the morning after cleansing. You know…your CLEAN face…. and then you sweep some toner over it? Keep the cotton pad. Don’t just chuck it in the bin. You can use it in a few ways before you bung it in the bin.

1: Use it to remove your nail varnish. Let it dry out on the side or in a little ramekin and keep them for taking off your nail varnish. Think about all the cotton pads you would save doing this!

2: Use it to wipe round your sink. You can do this straight after toning. Keep your taps and sink free from gunk!

3: Fold into a point and clean your grotty keyboard. I guarantee that your keyboard is WAY dirtier than anything you have just toned off your face.

4: Got an open fire? Or a outdoors firepit? Cotton pads are great firelighters. FACT.

5: Use a cotton pad to wipe the inside of your windows where the condesation builds up. That condesation is not welcome in your house, soak it up and throw it out!

Have you ever reused cotton pads for anything random? SHARE! 😀


7 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Reusing Cotton Pads

  1. they are great for cleaning up the tops of toothpaste tubes and gunked up shampoo bottles!

  2. I always do the sink- cleaning thing 🙂

  3. Getting into awkward places !!! I use them as micro dusters, they are great as they are lint free, so no orribble bits left afterwards!!v I use them about twice

  4. you may think i am crazy but people in my laundry room are always leaving behind their used dryer sheets. so home with me they come (providing they do not have any weird errant hairs or things stuck on them) and i use them for dusting and cleaning. especially great on baseboards and slat blinds.

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