A Sneaky Peek @ My Office

Hi guys!

It is great to be back after my little break, and now I am chomping at the bit to give you lots of lovely things to read. I have been using my time away from the blog to organise our new house.

I am finally settled in my new shared office with the HTB in our second bedroom.

My previous office was the sofa….and the floor around the sofa…and the space under the sofa….

Not very practical when him indoors wanted to come and keep me company and I had everything sprawled across it. Also not very practical because I often left pins stuck in in and invoices under cushions.

crochet hooks sneak peek at my craft space

A sneak peek in my craft room 1





I feel very grown up having a dedicated work space in our home and I have covered it in things that inspire me, make me smile and remind me why I push myself to reach the goals I want to achieve.

My new little space makes me very happy and I am so glad to be able to share it with you!

PS: I have missed you and your gorgeous face!

PPS: Do you like the new sign off? Much more me methinks!


9 responses to “A Sneaky Peek @ My Office

  1. I love those Live, Love, and Laugh vases! Too cute!

  2. Welcome back 🙂 Thanks for sharing your new office- snooping around people’s houses is my favourite. Hope you’re all settled in and getting suitably excited about Christmas xxx

  3. Yaaaaaayyyyyy – so glad to see you back pidgey, really missed ya and the smiles that your blog always gives me. Like Whitney, I also heart your fab vases. Well done on your organising. :o)

  4. Victoria Blanchard

    Well, you look really well organised .. well done! Myself and my partner are planning to stop in a few days and organise our flat … it is an absolute tip .. with things all higgeldy pickeldy!
    I was really impressed with your new office space! Hope you will be very happy in there!
    And now there is room on your sofa for you and your hubby to sit together!
    It is good to have you back again!
    Take care and hope you and your hubby have a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

    • We managed to unpack and organise within a week of the move. Everyone was quite impressed….but I can’t live in boxes! When I used to move in and out of uni it used to take me 24 hours to get completely unpacked… I am a machine!

      • Victoria Blanchard

        WOW! Unpack within a week .. now that is really good going! We still haven’t really unpacked and we have been in this flat nearly two years!
        Well today we have been in the store room .. sorting through coats and scarves and gloves and throwing out ones we have never worn for ages and just don’t like!
        We have also been in our bedroom and I have — at last — thrown out all the magazines I do not want .. well actually I have put them in the recycling bin and I have put some in two different bags for giving away!
        Well it is a start .. we still have our room, the spare room, the kitchen and the living room to tidy up and throw out! We are both such hoarders!
        See you!

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