How To: Create a DIY Nail Polished Key

Got a house key that looks far too similar to another key? My new front door key is far too similar to my work office key, so I took matters into my own hands….with things I had in my house already.

1: Grab your key and mask it off

2: Grab your favourite nail polish and a clear topcoat. Give the colour polish 2 to 3 coats, leaving the side edge clear, leaving to dry for 3 minutes in between.

3: Finsh with a clear topcoat and let dry for an hour.

4: Flip key over and repeat for a double sided look.

5: Attach to keys and enjoy!

I love my new key, and it was totally free!
It is also saving me time fumbling in the rain and grot to ensure I get the right key!


4 responses to “How To: Create a DIY Nail Polished Key

  1. I’ve seen this before and really wanted to do it.. but, I can’t really with my rental flat key :/

  2. Thinks look much funkier than my old blob of tippex, its a shame I dont do nail polish anymore (dont like the thought of all that formaldehide), however I might have to get some cheap n cheerfull stuf just so I can do this. :o)

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