Deck the Halls

Finally! We have had our decorations up for weeks…but now I can finally show them to you without feeling completely crazy.

We had to buy a big tree, as our little 4fter looked a little lost in our big house living room.

I was also very excited about having a mantel to dress!

I used baubles, broken down faux foliage candle surrounds from a musty box at Mama Pigeons, bits of old gift bags, real fir cones found in the countryside, heaps of beads and some reindeer (flat and glittery!).

Christmas Decorations 006 (RAW to JPEG)_1Christmas Decorations 016 (RAW to JPEG)_1

To celebrate the new tree and the new house, we decided to buy some special baubles as well as some more regular ones. I love having ‘special’ baubles and bits for the tree….you get to relive the memories every year when you dress the tree. Some of our bits are my parents tree decs that I can remember loving as a child. I adore the mix of old and new, bought and handmade.

Christmas Decorations 008 (RAW to JPEG)_1 Christmas Decorations 010 (RAW to JPEG)_1 Christmas Decorations 012 (RAW to JPEG)_1 Christmas Decorations 013 (RAW to JPEG)_1

What is the favourite thing on your tree? Do you top with an angel or a star?

We are star people….



6 responses to “Deck the Halls

  1. That mantle looks FUDGING EPIC. Look at all the deer! *swoon*. Also loving the moustache bauble and the amazing blue colour on your living room wall xx

  2. Have just put my tree up today. I love your hand made tree decorations šŸ™‚

  3. The stockings were made by a dear friend of mine. I love having such a mix of different decs!

  4. we’ve bought a personalised decoration from snapfish every year since we bought our house & we put a photo highlight from our year each time. They’re a lovely little memory šŸ™‚ our new one’s here:
    enjoy decorating your new home, it’s looking lovely! šŸ™‚ x

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