5 must watch films at Christmas

I love me a good film at Christmas. Wrapped in a blanket, with a cup of tea and some lebkuchen, I cannot think of a better evening in. When the weather is truly dragging you down…..you go to work in the dark, come home in the dark and you feel like you are constantly cold and wet… you need a pick me up in a DVD case.

Already watched Home Alone a billion times? Tired of watching Miracle on 34th Street every Christmas? Does The Snowman leave you feeling rubbish about the sleet outside?

Here are my top 5, and the reasons I must watch them each and every year in the holiday season to inject some cheer.

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5: The Muppets Christmas Carol

I can remember as a child watching The Muppet Show with my dad, my love of Beaker and the Swedish Chef, and his love of the drummer, Animal. The Muppets have always got a place in my heart, and I’m sorry, catchy songs and Dickens with a Muppet twist? A MUST.Blue Line

4: The Wizard of Oz

A firm favourite that just screams Christmas to me. I think it used to be on the telly every year, and I can remember sneaking off to watch it in my mother’s bedroom to get an hour or so peace away from my brother. The songs, Judy Garland, the Technicolor and the message that you have exactly what you need inside yourself…you just have to discover it…..perfection.

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3: The Santa Clause

Honestly one of my favourite Christmassy films ever. I went on about this film in my latest vlog. Come on… Tim Allen in a fat suit? You will never be able to see ANYONE else play Santa in a film again…

I also love the sequels….they kept all the same actors…a VERY good move for this franchise.

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2: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Dick Van Dyke, a woman called Scrumptious and a flying car. Surely that is all you need to know? I love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It is a feast of fun for children who will marvel at the workshop, Chitty himself, toot sweets and adults pretending to be life-size toys. I cannot wait to share this film with my own children when the time comes because the magic of it has not been matched since.

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1: Meet Me In St Louis

I watch this every year without fail…..Come hell or high water, Judy will sing my grandmother’s favourite christmas tune. This for me is normally a solo pleasure.  P isn’t a fan of musicals and so this is something I watch purely for me. I love  sharing my love of musicals with my wonderful grandmother, and this for me is a way of keeping us close together, despite the fact we live so far apart and my time with her is often shorter than I would like.

I love the charm and tradition in this film and the true feel of family and togetherness that it promotes. If you haven’t seen it, it is at least worth a watch once in your life.

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Nothing new…nothing post 2000 actually…but all worth a watch as these dark nights rob us of any time in the outside world!

What is your favourite film at Christmas?



4 responses to “5 must watch films at Christmas

  1. Muppets Christmas Carol is 100% my favourite Christmas film! And I’m not sure why, but Jason & the Argonauts always reminds me of Christmas time. xx

  2. Great choices! My faves are:
    5. Elf. My hubby’s fave and oh so funny
    4. Santa Claus the Movie. Another one my hubby introduced me to. Soo cheesetastic it’s ace
    3. The Grinch. I am a HUGE dr Suess fan so this is a must
    2. The Nightmare before Christmas. This is about the scariest thing I can watch. So sweet without the cheese of regular Christmas films.
    1. Love Actually. This is the perfect Christmas film FACT. It isn’t Christmas until you have watched this xx

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