……and rest

I have real problems with stopping.

With putting everything down and just doing sod-all. I always feel I should be doing something. I feel like I am wasting time…..and that is how I found crafting. Something mindless to keep my hands busy whilst watching reruns of CSI and The Mentalist with a cuppa…my ultimate pleasure.

The past couple of weeks have been really crazy. Shop sales exploded and I found myself crocheting in traffic jams on the way to the real job to ensure I could get all the orders out as quickly as possible!

Robins The Pigeon's Nest

I was truly unprepared for the all robin love and I really knackered myself out…pushing my mind and body to the limit, to ensure I could get them in the post before Christmas. I am so grateful that so many people loved my little creations and I plan to be a lot more prepared next year.

I finally got them all out to their families and I have truly loved seeing all the tweet pics of them in their new homes. It reminded me of the reason I wanted to do this so badly in the first place and why I pushed myself so hard. To spread a little joy.

I guess this post is just a post to say…. do things that make you happy….even if it means not doing something you think you NEED to do.

The top of that picture doesn’t really NEED dusting at midnight…go to bed.

You really don’t NEED to make mice pies if you are finding time tight…buy some.

Make your present to yourself this year time.

My hooks are on idle (I can’t say they are down because I have already created some new things for 2013….and they are SUPER cute) and I am drinking copious amounts of hot lemon water and earl grey, accompanied by Gil Grissom and Patrick Jane.

I hope you are all finding a little bit of time to relax and spend time doing things that you want to.

Big Love!



3 responses to “……and rest

  1. Chill Missus!!!!!! But then again, is making bits makes you happy, then why stop (just decrease the pace a little).
    Hope you have a fabby Xmas in your new home and that 2013 is all you want it to be. :o) xxx

  2. Hope you have a relaxing Xmas after all that hard work!

    Have you ever done a blog post about running a mini craft business? Eg things like accounting, finding time to craft, getting orders out on time etc. I just ask as it’s something I’m interested in starting in the new year, and would be really interested in this type of post!

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