Resolutions you can keep

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I am a big fan of starting the new year with goals in mind. I like the idea of changing a few habits and gaining some new ones. The thing I don’t like about new year resolutions is the pressure they seem to put on the creator. What is that all about?

Here are 5 handy hints to making and keeping your New Year’s Resolutions in 2013.

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Keep it simple

You really don’t need a list as long as your arm. This year I had 3 resolutions, and it has been wonderful knowing that I have acheived all 3. Choose a few things, keep your list small and you will be more likely to acheive them.Blue Line

Make it worth your while

What are you going to gain from changing the habit of a lifetime? Make the impact of these things visible in your daily life if you can. If you are wanting to stop smoking, put the money you would have spent on cigarettes in a jar on a shelf so you can see the amount grow, and then treat yourself next December.Gold Line

Do something scary

Now I don’t mean ghosts and goblins, I mean something that matters to you, something scary that you are frightened of tackling. If that means finally clearing out the garage despite the massive spiders, then so be it. This year I opened a business. I was petrified, but I have never regretted a single white-knuckle bit.Blue Line

Make yourself proud

These resolutions are for you…..and only for you. You will only acheive them if you want to. So trying to quit smoking for your husband? Nope… not going to happen….unless you want to stop. Your resolutions are meant to enrich your life…nobody elses.Gold Line

Reward yourself

Even if you fail. If you tried your hardest and worked your socks off, but still didn’t manage to reach your goal….you do deserve a reward. Reward your acheivements and your attempts.


You will get a gander at my NYR’s in a post tomorrow…in the mean time…do you have any tips to share about keeping and acheiving your goals? And here is my NYR post from last year if you need a little idea of what  have been blathering on about!

Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve!






5 responses to “Resolutions you can keep

  1. I see New Years as a fresh start, but I don’t make resolutions as I know that they won’t be kept. Instead I set myself goals every year from one birthday to the next and I find that they are somewhat easier to keep.

  2. This is a fab post – I’ve made a list of aims for next year but no resolutions as such. However following your advice I’m making one resolution – to be more organised. I used to be brilliant but the past couple of years I’ve run about like a headless chicken and it’s so stressful!! Happy New Year 🙂

  3. So much more likely to try after reading it can be simple. *Thank you.* (Do something scary…that one’s got me:)

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