Aims for 2013

This year I have one main resolution which umbrellas all sections of my life.

NYR Be Prepared

Yes…I have stolen it from the Scouts.
Being prepared in 2012 would have made the year so much less stressful for me and would have meant I could have more time to relax and enjoy myself, and have more stress-free time to spend with Him Indoors.
In 2013, I aim to be more forward-thinking about things that affect my time and energy in 3 main areas.

Day-to-Day Life

I already tackle this quite well, but I want to keep on top of the organisation I already excel at in this area. Weekly menus, budgeting, lady jobs and schedules will all be tightened and streamlined so I can enjoy actual life…not the boring bits….

The Blog

I have found at times this year that the blog has gotten away from me. In 2013 I would like to change that. I aim to plan and schedule posts weeks in advance giving myself time and space away from my laptop to actually do things that I might be able to blog about. If there is anything that you would like to see more of or at all here in 2013…let me know!

The Shop

The shop for me last year was my biggest pressure point. I really struggled to get orders out quickly at Christmas as I wasn’t prepared for all the love of my little Robins! This year I plan to spend any ‘quiet time’ during the year to be making little somethings, in a relaxed fashion, towards the stock box ready for Christmas.

I would love to hear what your NYRs are!



2 responses to “Aims for 2013

  1. Ha I’m a Cub leader, the idea of my lot being prepared for anything is laughable! 😉 Excellent goals, the blog scheduling is my lifesaver 🙂

  2. SOunds like a great plan pidgey, tho I hope its a wee bit flexible just in case. Hope 2013 is wonderful for you. :o)

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