Filing @ The Nest

I had an email a little while ago asking how I keep all my paperwork life organised…so here we go you nosy lot…my thrilling filing system…. aren’t you lucky?!

I am not really a fan of expanding files and all the bumpf. While we do use them for our own personal documents, our shared documents needed something a lot simpler. We like to keep all our important documents that relate to the house in a plastic basket slid under the sofa. See…..told you it was simple….

Filing @ The Nest - how to file imprtant documents Now I am not sure if this began because my office used to be the sofa, but it works well for us and we have continued doing it over into the new house.

I organise our documents into utilities and pop them all in plastic popper wallets, labelled with a sharpie. This ensures that I can find the thing that I need as quickly as possible. All new documents go in the front, meaning that the further back I go, the older the documents are….again ensuring I find the one I want quickly.

Filing @ The Nest - how to file imprtant documents

When a bill is paid, I make a scribble a note of the date and from which card/account it was paid from on to the top sheet of the bill. This means that we can track the payments if anything goes wrong.

Filing @ The Nest - how to file imprtant documents

Receipts are one of my big things to file. Despite what shops tell you, you have every right to return an item if it doesn’t last as long as it should. P once returned a 6 year old flatscreen tv because it stopped working….because the average large flatscreen TV should last you at least 7. The higher the price paid for an item, the longer it should last you, in theory. The current years receipts are filed in the smaller black popper envelope, whilst the previous years are in labelled envelopes. Every now and again I do go through them to see if I need to get rid of any paperwork, and to note the envelopes with important items with long guarentees (mattress, sofa, coffee machine etc).

Filing @ The Nest - how to file imprtant documentsSo there you go, my filing system…. not highly entertaining with bells and whistles, but it is streamlined and it works for us in our house.

I hope that helps those who asked!

So who has a filing cabinet at home? I could be tempted…..




7 responses to “Filing @ The Nest

  1. Simples :o) We have everthing in box files, labelled Car, Morgage, Utilities, Bank etc and these sit in the bottom cupboard of our Welsh Dresser (tho I will admit stuff doesnt get filed away straight away and tends to accumilate on the kitchen table).
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I never keep receipts, how bad is that? I’m going to start saving them for big purchases but do you need to keep them for small items say like a small shopping bill of some milk and bread etc? x

  3. We use lever arch files and plastic pockets – one of the most useful is a big ole file called ‘house’ which has notes about which paint colours are used for each room, where wallpaper came from etc. We were trying to source where we bought a little glass shelf for our bathroom from 10 years ago – and lo and behold the receipt was in this file!

    • Genius. I had NEVER thought about popping in paint names and wallpaper bits. GENIUS! You do realise you have started a whole new realm of crazy for me now….. YOU ARE A GENIUS!

  4. Hurrah! I have finally met someone who is into the popper file filing method! I sorted out two mahoosive concertina files of paperwork into popper files about a month ago, so much easier to grab and look through!
    BB xx

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