Lasting Till Payday: How To: Make DIY curtains from a blanket

A little thrifty tip and DIY mash-up from me today.

When we moved into the new house, we came minus any window coverings. We quickly bought some curtains for the front of the house, but when it came to the den, our shared office space, I decided that we needed a cheaper option. Curtains are really expensive!

Using blankets to make curtains means you don’t have to do any extra hemming, meaning it is super quick and effortless. I chose these blankets from Ikea because they are polar fleece, which is great for keeping the heat in during the winter.They are also £3 each….so a pair of curtains for £6!

These curtains will be easy to wash and will last for years. These particular blankets also come in cream, which I have used in our wardrobe room.

Firstly measure your window….boring I know, but vital.

Secondly fold over the top of the blanket and use your window measurements to work out the drop and how much of a fold you need.

DIY curtains from a blanketMeasure along the top of your fold to the edge at intervals, to ensure that your curtain will be level when it hangs.

DIY curtains from a blanket how toPin along the fold so it doesn’t shift when you sew it. Please always use pins….the amount of times I have failed at a simple project because I think I can get away with not pinning….

Beck's Birds and Ipad for BT 007 (RAW to JPEG)

Using a sewing machine or very tidy hand stitching, stitch along about 2 cm from the edge of fabric…not the fold. You want to create a long loop in the fabric so you can hang it on your curtain pole.

DIY curtains from a blanketI kept the folded edge on the outside as I liked the edging on this blanket, but you could always hang them the other way round for a cleaner line.

So there you have it…easy peasy curtains from a blanket. Cheap and cheerful.



3 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: How To: Make DIY curtains from a blanket

  1. Wow look at you, you domestic Goddess! These are brilliant, and very well co-ordinated with your little birdies on the bookshelf :o)
    I tried to make some Xmas decs out of fleece this yeat, but failed horribly, the stuff I had was to fleecey and stretchy, but this fleece looks much more manageable. Well done.

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