Lasting Till Payday: Reusing Christmas Cards

Reusing christmas cards thrifty tip

Now honestly….if you just chuck your Christmas cards in the bin after the holidays I may have to sit on my hands as not to slap you.

People have sent you lovely pictures in the post and you aren’t going to even think about reusing them?

Recycling our Christmas cards is one of my favourite jobs after christmas. I tend to take all our decs down on New Years Day (another tradition I enjoy…bumbling, slightly fuggy from the previous night…sorting, tidying…simply my cup of tea you understand) and so the cards come down then too. I normally sit with our cards, the craft guillotine and a nice cuppa whilst watching telly as I do the sort.

I firstly go through all the cards to note down who sent us one, so I can reciprocate the following year…there are always a few canny ones who jump on the bandwagon and I would hate to miss them.

I then promptly slice off all the nice fronts. If they are blank on the back of the picture, I trim them down to a suitable size and place them in my tags box, ready to label next years presents. Yes….I am THAT crazy….

You can even cut up Christmas cards to make your own cards for next year.

Also do this with your birthday cards. I used to keep ALL my greetings cards as I liked the memories. Now I only save the ones from special people or the ones that have really lovely messages inside. The rest become tags or new cards for others to enjoy.

Honestly…there is no ends to my skin-flintedness… I even reuse wrapping paper…

But the whole point is to save some pennies on not overly important stuff…and pennies make pounds…which then pay your mortgage/rent/buy you nice things…. FACT



6 responses to “Lasting Till Payday: Reusing Christmas Cards

  1. So it’s not just me who does this?! Yay! I’m also a big card-keeper…. it’s so nice to go through a box of cards a few years down the line and have a read.

    The ones I don’t save make it to the following year by becoming gift tags – a great way to save the pennies at a time when every little really does help 🙂

  2. As a keen card maker Ive also been doing this for ages, I have a HUGE box of them and another for Birthday/Anniversary cards. I love sifting through them for inspiration and turing them into something new.
    Saving pennies here and there soon add up especially when you hit an unexpected bump (like us this year when I became unemployed 2 weeks before Xmas!), my Xmas card box came into its own this year.
    Another fab post pidegy.

  3. my mum used to do this when I was little, I am 37 now!!! She sued to cut them using dressmakers sissors. They are simply lovely. We also buy multi purpose wrapping you know, the ones going cheap in the sales, but you can pick designs out that you can use all year, for birthdays and such like.

  4. These are creative and useful and colorful ideas. It’s true that greeting cards are often wonderful works of art. *Thank you* for the inspiration.

  5. Interesting, thanks for this. I was always a great re-user of wrapping paper but never thought of doing so with cards. Thanks for helping me saving pennies 🙂

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