How To: Clean your Bathroom in 15 minutes

How to speed clean your bathroonm

It is not the most fun job…so hey….let’s make it a quick bi-weekly one.

Set the coutdown timer! GO!

15: Whoosh some loo cleaner of your choice around the toilet bowl. Leave it there and don’t flush.

14: Using a dry cloth, dust your entire bathroom, including top of the shower door, bath edge, toilet exterior and mirrors. This removes all the dust from surfaces that becomes stuck to the porcelain when you wet wipe. With all cloths, I always do the loo last…because you know…ewww.

13: Spray your bathroom cleaner into the sink first to allow it to begin to work its magic and then spray the bath/shower/outside of the toilet.

12-7: Wipe down everything. Rinse the sink and inside of shower/bath.

6: Spray your shower doors and squeegee/buff clean. Squeegee’s rock.

5: Don’t forget the inside of your shower doors!

4: Time to wipe round the outside of your loo. Don’t forget to do under the seat.

3: Grab your hoover and using the little brush attatchment, sweep and suck your floors.

2: Using a clean, wet cloth (or a bleach wipe) get on your hands and knees and wash and antibac your floor.

1: If you really have to, flush your loo. I often leave mine for the next ‘user’ meaning that the cleanser has longer to work on it. Guard door and squint at anyone who passes daring them to mess it up in there.

I clean our shower drain guard once a fortnight (it is just us two) by pulling all my hair out of it (classy no?) and then pouring bicarb & vinegar into it. I then replace it…making a nice mess in the bottom of the shower and finally flush the drain with some boiling water after 10 minutes.

Less scrubbing…more fun.




11 responses to “How To: Clean your Bathroom in 15 minutes

  1. Great post! I’m going to see if I can really do it in 15 minutes. If I scrub the grout in the shower, the whole bathroom usually takes 4 hours! And I LOATHE hair in the shower drain, so I make sure the majority of mine doesn’t go there by balling up whatever falls out when shampooing and conditioning, then throwing in the trash can when i get out of the shower.

    • Ahhh, see I normally scrub the grouting fortnightly with some bleach and an old toothbrush for a whole separate 15 minutes and then rinse an hour later! I guess it also depends how much tiling you have. Ours is only in our shower!

  2. Number 1 is the stage which I am sooooo familiar with, once done the door is guarded and woe betide the first male to attempt a shower (I live with two) or worse still shave… You’ve pretty much summed up my bathroom cleaning routine, apart from the dry cloth and now I wonder why I never thought of it! I curse as the dust moves around and doesn’t lift off but never thought of a dry cloth.

  3. I’m going to try this – the bathroom is my least favourite and always takes me longer than 15 minutes. Hopefully this will help me be more efficient! WIth you on the man-shavings. My fella also gets everything wet (no smutty jokes!!) so I’m forever drying / cleaning the floor. I suppose it helps to keep it clean!

  4. Great post, I loathe cleaning th bathroom, but its only small so should wizz through in 15 mins! Ive cleaned out the bathroom cabinet today and chucked all the ood (out of date) medicines etc and am feeling very virtuous.:o)

  5. Does anyone use a cleaning schedule? Could we make this a future post? Would love to know what works for people as I struggle with this and generally just fight fires!

  6. Thanks, that’s great – I look forward to the update!

  7. Wiping with a dry cloth first – genius!! I HATE HATE HATE chasing around the damp collections of hair and dust with a wet cloth!

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