DIY Gift – A ‘make something’ box

Know a little someone who likes to create and make?
Need a gift for that certain someone?

Introducing the ‘make something’ box.

DIY 'Make something' craft box for kids

I made one of these for my friend’s daughter for Christmas and apparently it went down a treat on Christmas day.

Find a nice box or tin, perhaps cover a less nice one in wallpaper. Charity shops and car boot sales are perfect tin hunting grounds. I recycled a beauty box.DIY 'Make something' craft box for kids

Fill the box with all sorts of craft items. I put in a multitude of bits and bobs I had collected over the year with this in mind, such as stickers, feathers, pretty papers, glitter glue, die cut flowers, stick on gems and ribbon.

CIMDIY 'Make something' craft box for kidsG9783 DIY 'Make something' craft box for kidsDIY 'Make something' craft box for kids

Kids love being able to use their imaginations and nurturing creativity is something I think is really important. Even these cut out circles could be used to create little flowers…

The beauty of a little ‘make something’ box is that it is contained. Easy to pull out and to create a treasure, easy to put away at tea time.

Some mess…but no fuss.



3 responses to “DIY Gift – A ‘make something’ box

  1. Such a lovely idea!

  2. This is a fabulous idea, I have sooooo much I could put in one. Unfortunatley the only cghild I could give it to would not be interested as her parents indulge her every whim and making something would be far to menial for her. :O(

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