The Pigeon’s Nest Newbies

If you didn’t know…I have reopened the shop!


As promised, there are a few new additions for 2013, and I thought I should introduce you…. would be rude if I didn’t!

Feel free to click on the pictures to go straight to my little shop!

Mr & Mrs Mousie 2Mr & Mrs Mousie – perfect cake toppers for cheese wedding cakes! £10

Mr & Mrs BirdieMr & Mrs Birdie, perfect for newlyweds or longlyweds! £10





Mousie… he likes to be naked… £6

Miss Mousie


Miss Mousie likes to wear flowers behind her ear.. in any colour! £6

Mr Mousie


Mr Mousie rocks a bow tie…he has them in every colour… £6

Mint Green Love BirdBaby Blue Love Bird Baby Pink Love BirdAnd the Love Birds are back and this time in some perfect colours for spring! £5

See anything you like? Pop over to my shop by clicking any of the pictures above OR by clicking the SHOP button in the sidebar OR by typing in

All orders over £10 are posted FOR FREEEEEEE! That’s right… even you lovely lot in the USA and Oz.

Would love to see you over there!





4 responses to “The Pigeon’s Nest Newbies

  1. Love the love birds!

  2. Especially Mr. and Mrs. Birdie with big hearts:)

  3. Mouses! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. Looking forward to your wedding much lol xx

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