Quick Fancy Dress Idea – A Lazy Girl’s Mary Poppins

For New Year’s Eve, we threw an ‘M’ themed party. We asked all our guests to come dressed as things starting with the letter ‘M’. It was a great night, and I am going to show you my ‘thrown-together from things I owned’ Mary Poppins Outfit.

Mary Poppins DIY costume

I made a bowtie out of red felt, attatched to my shirt with a safety pin. I had this full circle skirt from Mama Pigeon that she wore back in the 80’s. I claimed a tape measure and a spoon and voila! Outfit complete.

Mary Poppins 2

I must stress that I didn’t require a brolly, coat, scarf and hat, because the party was at my very own warm house…. so I took inspiration from the nursery scene, where she begins unpacking her bag.

Mary Poppins 1I also threw on some black tights and a pair of ballet flats as I knew I would be padding about my own living room.

Mary Poppins 3

This could easily become a couples costume – throw you other half in a white shirt and black trousers and paint him a dirty face, pop him on a flat cap…hullo Bert!



4 responses to “Quick Fancy Dress Idea – A Lazy Girl’s Mary Poppins

  1. I love this costume and I bet you had some fun measuring all your friends to tell them they are super untidy hahaha

  2. This is awesome! Love a bit of Mary Poppins 🙂

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