Sneak Peek – Our Entryway (work in progress)

This, of course, isn’t finished, but I couldn’t resist showing you our very anally organised entry way.

Our Entryway organised hall

Tada! Isn’t magnolia your FAVOURITE?! Tee hee.

When we moved in we had a rather ‘attractive’, bulky and unpainted MDF raditator cover that took up most of the space in our entryway. It did however make a good place to throw your keys/phone/mail on.

We quickly moved it out to the shed for me to use for potting plants on and came up with a new entryway scheme.

Whiteboard entryway hallFirstly we got rid of our paper calender.  I love having a whiteboard where we can physically wipe out the days when they are done! This was this attractive number from Staples (but we DID not pay that price somehow…obviously I must have fluttered my eyelashes), and I used black electrical tape to cover the metal edging to make it less officey. You could of course spray it, but it was raining…and I wanted it up!

hallway storage DIYWe also bought a pack of wall files and spaced them out on the wall. We labelled them using our Dymo. I have one, P has one and we have bottom one for seasonal items (currently full of gloves and hats). We also hung a hook on the wall behind the door (opposite this wall) to hang our keys on.

Also may I draw your attention to our original 60’s doorbell? P and Papa Pigeon got it working and wired back in over christmas. It only dings (rather than ding donging) but I love having something original to the house!

60's door bell original feature

I promise to show it to you this space again when it is finally finished!



4 responses to “Sneak Peek – Our Entryway (work in progress)

  1. Be careful of keeping your keys near the door! As a child whenever I forgot my keys I was able to get the spare ones (hanging on hooks nearby) through the cat flap with a broom handle. This works equally well through a letter box.

  2. Ello miss bex, you dont have to participate but I have nominated you for a versatile blogger award. Its just a kind of appreciation for your blog and a way for us all to network. If you wanna except it there a couple of lil things to follow you can see them here

    I hope 2013 is rocking your world so far….Keep up the awesome blogging xx

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