5 ways to beat the January Blues

Last week I was on a proper downer. My face looked like I was chewing wasps and I had no idea why.

A lot of people get the January blues, the darkness on the way to work and on the way home seems less appealing once Christmas is over and it seems flipping ages away till payday.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to dig myself out of a grump.

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Put on a cheesey tune and dance your little socks off for 3 minutes. I do this when I am feeling a little fed up and I want to be a complete child. It gets the endorphins pumping and I also get to practice my Gangnam style horse trot.

Stuck for ideas of what to dance to….try some of my favourites for busting a stupid move… this, this and this.

Blue Line Eat

One of my greatest comforts is food. When I feel fed up, I just want to drown in cream cakes. I never deny myself this comfort because it will nag at me all day until I eat what I really want (I just do more silly dancing to burn it off!). So treat yourself, the world looks pretty yucky out the window right now…so dunk another hobnob in your tea.

Gold Line Hibernate

Call off your plans, put on your sloppiest clothes, take your duvet to the sofa and watch TV, read blogs or read a book. Turn off your phone and be missing for a while. The whole world won’t stop if you take a break and recharge. The important thing is that YOU are feeling ok… mentally as well as physically.

Blue LineDress for the cold

Being cold makes me seriously grumpy. I love winter, but my poor circulation does not. I spend my whole winter season wearing arm-warmers, legwarmers, thermal sock, slippers and leggings under jammies. Make sure you are warm enough….because you will feel miserable if you are chilly.

I got confused when they said wear a fancy dress....

Gold Line Go loopy

Have a funny five minutes… gawd please….even just so I feel a little saner. I pretended to be hosting my own cooking show today as I prepared dinner. I sang ‘Cruella de Vil’ loudly in my car all the way home after seeing a dalmatian yesterday. Do something ridiculous and make yourself laugh at your own actual mentalness. You will feel better for it.



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8 responses to “5 ways to beat the January Blues

  1. Hope you’re feeling closer to your smiley self again m’dear šŸ™‚ Love your eclectic combo of song suggestions for dancing like a loon. I’m definitely a big fan of all of the above- hot chocolate, duvet, cheesy music, good book, cosy jumper and pulling silly faces always makes me feel better šŸ™‚ xxx

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this!!


  3. I put my headphones on and go for a walk, and pretend that everyone I see is part of a music video and singing/dancing along to whatever I’m listening to. It sounds crazy, but it really works if you start imagining buildings snapping their fingers in tune and the woman walking towards you shimmying up the street…

  4. Thanks missey – really needed this, feeling a bit worse this January due to the jobless situation and trying not to panic about the bills. This has given me the much needed smile I needed today. Bless ya. xx

  5. Fabulous and very funny words of wisdom. I can see why Amy (http://wp.me/p2n8CX-5X) nominated you for Versatile Blogger. Congratulations! I’m going to follow your excellent advice and pass it along…

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