The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Monday

15 minute cleaning

So last year I posted my 30 day cleaning schedule here. Now we have moved out of a flat and into a house, I have found that it has become defunct and doesn’t really work for me anymore.

So I decided to ditch the 30 day routine, where I have to constantly check the list, and I have moved to a ‘zone’ approach that ties in with a day of the week.

And before anyone comments…I am well aware that tornadoes leave destruction in their wake and not cleanliness. I just feel like a tornado when I blitz clean for 15 minutes….and if you don’t…you are doing it wrong.

As today is Monday….it only seems fitting to share today’s zone with you!

Monday – The Living Room

Living rooms can become dumping grounds for all sorts of rubbish. Clear out anything that doesn’t belong, I use a basket to pop it all in so I can return things to their homes as I go upstairs etc.

What is the most urgent cleaning thing to do? Dusting? Go mad for 15 minutes. Need a good hoover? Go for it!

Stuck for ideas…..does it seem pretty tidy already?  Always do something, else teeny jobs will mount up to being jobs you really don’t want to tackle.

Living Room Birds Vinyl Impressions Sneak Peek

Here are a list of jobs that you may not think to do!

Wipe down your windowsills

Bash dust and dirt out of cushions

Hoover the sofa

Organise your shelves

Fish out grot from under the sofa/coffee table

Polish all wood

Clean lightswitches and plug sockets

Clean skirting boards

Wipe down your doors (the raised fancy doors get ever so dusty!)

Antibacterial any workspaces (desk/tables etc)

Empty and wipe out waste paper bin

Clean all reflective surfaces and windows

Antibacterial all handles

Gold Line

Seeeeee? Plenty to do! Pop back tomorrow for Tuesday’s zone!



8 responses to “The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Monday

  1. Think my living room needs more than 15 minutes :/ but I will do at least that later! and try to follow your zones the rest of the week too 🙂

  2. I do love it when you organised clean bloggers tell me what to do 😉 I’m such a slob! Although I do hoover my sofa all the time as I was stupid enough to buy an almost black one with a white persian cat.

    • ;D If I don’t schedule it, I let it go for weeks and then find myself unable to live with it at midnight on a Tuesday and end up scrubbing for 4 hours. This way I get it done in easy chunks, and I sleep at night!

  3. Windowsills DO get dusty, that’s something I used to forget to do – dust the windowsills! This has made me want to go and do some dusting or something…Off to dust and tidy my room now!

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