The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Thursday

15 minute cleaningThursday – The Kitchen

Kitchens are greasy, sticky hubs of houses where, if you are like me, you spend most of your life. Kitchens deserve a lot of cleaning love. After all, you prepare all your munchies in here…or at least unwrap your take-aways!

15 minutes a week is honestly not enough for a kitchen, so this 15 minutes should be on top of cleaning up after each meal.

I spend 5 minutes before bed every evening prepping my breakfast for the morning (because apparently I am mental), so I also give the kitchen a bit of a swish round then too.

So…set your timer! Here come a few ideas!

Clean your hob….scrub off all that crusty gunk!

Sweep and mop your floors

Wipe down the outside of your cupboard doors

Do a Thrifty Mrs’s trick for not cleaning the tops of your cupboards!

Attack the fridge! Clean it inside and out, and throw out any old food that you really won’t eat.

And now do the top of your fridge….and don’t fib….you missed it….

Scrub your tiles down

Wash your back door (snigger)

Clean your windows

Sort your food out in your pantry….and make sure you throw out that tin that expired in 1996….

Clean out your under the sink cupboard

Scrub your sink and draining board

Sort your pan cupboard


I would love to know if you are joining in….send me a tweet @shinypigeon!



4 responses to “The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Thursday

  1. Im joining in in spirit – (I really cant be ar@@ed at the moment) , but will pull my finger out and give it a go at some stage – honest. :o)

  2. I am storing these ideas for later. At the moment am spoilt my having cleaners in India.

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