The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Friday

15 minute cleaningFriday – The Master Bedroom

I read somewhere that you spend a third of your life asleep, so why would you spend half your life in a filth pit. Bedrooms easily become dumping grounds as they are private spaces. I am very guilty of sticking EVERYTHING I don’t want guests to see in our bedroom and shutting the door.

To ensure you bedroom stays tidy, you need to work out your bedtime routine. Do you always dump your clothes in a pile on your side of the bed (cough…P…I am looking at you), do you always take a glass of water to bed and never bring down the glass, or do you  take off your make-up with a wipe and then dump it on your floor till morning? We eat breakfast in bed most mornings (it is the only way I can prise P from his pillow) so I take that into consideration when I clean.

Each morning I air my bed by pulling the duvet right down. I don’t know if it works, but my granny did it, so I do it too. I also flip the pillows to ensure they wear evenly….again…I may just be crazy…

Set your timer! And then tornado!

Dust everything

Pull everything out from beneath your bed and hoover the dust bunnies from under there

Antibacterial your bedside table

Put any earrings, hair ties, grips and other rubbish you remove from your person back in their proper place

Take down your curtains and put them through the wash

Hoover your bed and headboard

Flip your mattress

Sort out your knicker drawer…chuck out anything that was white (and is now yellow/pink/grey) or with holes.

Dust your lampshade

Scrub your skirting boards

Tidy the bottom of your wardrobe

Sew any loose buttons back on clothes

Ahhhhhh….and then tomorrow is the weekend….. but never fear….15 minute tornado is here all weekend!


Psssssst…. missed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and yesterday? Pull your finger out!


2 responses to “The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Friday

  1. Or…

    Dust all visible surfaces

    (this includes bedside table thus negating this point)

    Pile up the misc earrings that have lost a partner somewhere, mental note to buy more hair elastics etc as you can’t find any

    Hoover the headboard…. no comment.

    Purchase a foam mattress that does not require flipping

    Only own enough underwear to get you though the week, with a few spare. Mass replace every few months

    Don’t own a lamp

    Paint skirting boards the same colour of your walls – they just blend in

    Have wardrobes in another room… clothes and ‘floor-drobe’ problem solved

    Mentally note you may need a new cardigan/dress/ coat etc because you have finally lost too many buttons to be presentable

    Ahhh… and then tomorrow is the weekend… but never fear, lazy guide to cleaning can be carried out any time you figure the kitchen is just one cleaning job too much and require a distraction….!

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