The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Saturday

15 minute cleaningSaturday – Leftover rooms

Every house is set up differently….I don’t have a conservatory, so I don’t clean it. I do however have a 3 bed house, where one spare bedroom is used as a joint office and the other is used as a wardrobe….I know…I have a wardrobe ROOM.

On Saturday I spin round my wardrobe and my side of the office…I am not petty…I only clean my side as I am aware what is rubbish and what isn’t.

If you live in a one bed flat, you could use this day to delve into cupboards and tidy in there…..they are mini rooms after all.

Timers set? Get cracking!

Clear your desk

Clean your laptop/tablet/mobile phone

Hang up any loose clothing laying around

Antibacterial all switches and your workspace

Empty your wastebasket and rinse it out

Sort a drawer

Dust your shelving

Wipe down both sides of your internal doors

Tidy your make up station and anti-bac it

Hoover your floors

Clean all mirrors

Wash your skirting boards

Bin all rubbish

Sort a bookcase


Tomorrow is Sunday…put your feet up. Sundays should be for pottering and baking… in my idela world.

I really hope you have enjoyed this mini series. Let me know if you have taken part!


Oh no! Have you missed Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday? Where on earth have you been?!




2 responses to “The 15 Minute Cleaning Tornado – Saturday

  1. Seriously if I could just spend 15 minutes a day cleaning that would make me a happy person. And yet! I never do it. Bad habits. Bad.

  2. Another great ‘cleaning’ post! By the way I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award!

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