26 before 27 Update

Disgusting cardigan autumn multi wool vintage

So here we go! 3 months in and here is my little update!

1: Get Married

Still on it…. we are couting down the months till August. Have a lot to get on with for the actual event still…lots of crafty DIYs. Need to pull my finger out really.

2: Eat something grown in my own garden

Yes! I can tick this off. I found teeny wild strawberries in our garden and I munched them to see what they were (I take my life in my hands). Our veggie patch is on hold for a while till we remove our asbestos shed (yes…flipping asbestos…)

3: Make over £150 profit from my little business

Yes! Over Christmas I hit over £250 profit. Thank you to everyone who bought and who is still buying. It means a lot!


4: Spend more time with friends

Big yes. Since living in Horsham we spend a lot of time socialising with friends. It is seriously good times. I miss my girls awfully, we all have a lot going on in our lives meaning that I haven’t been able to see them in a while. Boooooo… but I am trying hard to be a better communicator (I suck at texting/calling)

5: Drive less, walk more

Big yes! Since being in Horsham we hotfoot it on foot a lot more. We missioned it to town, trudged over to friends and P is know trying to get me to walk to archery…with my gear…hmmmm

6: Finish decorating two rooms in our house

We have one completely done! Have a peek here!

7: Make alterations on a dress


8: Gain over 600 followers on Twitter


9: Have a fort movie marathon


10: Write & schedule blog posts a week in advance

Not consistently!

11: Do at least 12 craft fairs

I have scheduled 7 for this year already! WOOP WOOP!

12: Learn how to use P’s coffee machine

Yes! P taught me how to use it so I can bring him coffee in bed in the mornings. It’s a win:win. I get conversation in the morning, he gets coffee.

13: Share a room tour of our new home

I am yet to do this…mainly because it’s normally pitch black when I get home from work and I have been super busy at the weekends! I have the rumblings of a wardrobe room tour in my mind…

14: Try 3 new restaurants

Yes. we have been sampling the local fayre around our new home and we have found a few lovely places.

15: Meet at least 2 blogger folks in real life

Having already met the gorgeous Fran and Katie….I can’t really count them can I? Boooo… not complete…

16: Make 4 things from Pinterest

Why did I think I would be able to do this?! I have a few things that I think may come under this bracket that I am making for the wedding….so not yet…

17: Reread the Harry Potter novels

I am currently under the spell of my kindle and I am loving the ‘Jenny Pox’ books by JL Bryan and the Elemental Mysteries series by Elizabeth Hunter. I have been devouring all books in digital form recently….le sigh.

18: Host a Fancy Dress Party

YES! I dressed as Mary Poppins!

19: Call my parents more often

No…. I suck at communicating.

20: Get new business cards

Yes! I did…they look fancy!

21: Go electronic free for 24 hours

How hilarious…. not even close… 24 minutes maybe…

22: Dance in the rain

Does digging my garden in the rain count? No? Then not yet….it has been friggin’ freezing rain here.

23: Take P to see his 3rd musical

I am thinking Blood Brothers for number 3….. any other suggestions?

24: Keep a finance book up and running


25: Send my little brothers something fun in the post

I am creating them a little package that I will share soooooon!

26: Have a fully stocked pantry

Nope….I am still trying…but we keep emptying it! 😀


I don’t think that is too bad for an update…I have done quite a bit already!



7 responses to “26 before 27 Update

  1. How are you not stressing about DIYs for the wedding? I’m stressing and mine’s not till October, would love to know your secret 🙂

    • For me, I am just excited about getting married. We aren’t doing favours or anything. If I don’t finish my DIY s then it isn’t the end of the world, people are there to see me not my makings! Get some girls together to get you through a big chunk….I am too controlling to let anyone help!

  2. awesome bex and I just saw we will rock you. it was brilliant and i think its one guys really appreciate.. but then bloodbrothers has great acting so i know youll appreciate that..seriously though the voices in WWRY are from another world!!Love the living room!! x

  3. You’ve plenty of time to fulfill the others, but the fact that you’ve dressed as Mary Poppins, made a crafty profit and the wedding’s still full steam ahead is an excellent three things to have done/be getting on with!


  4. I love this list! I may steal the idea, if that’s okay?
    I’d also seriously recommend Blood Brothers, it’s absolutely amazing! I’ve actually seen it twice myself because it’s so wonderful. I still get cravings to listen to the soundtrack every so often 🙂

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