And Woof makes 3

Chekhov hey ladies


I’m Chekhov… named after a Russian playwright and a Star Trek crew member… and yeah…that picture up there is me…looking handsome.

I’m a Pointer Collie cross and I live with my two human folks, ShinyPigeon and P.

I am about a year old, but no one is really sure exactly when my birthday is, because I was abandoned by my previous owners in a public toilet a few months ago. Thankfully, I was picked up by some nice rescue folk in Ireland, who managed to ship me off to a UK rescue, where my humans adopted me.

I’m a little bit of a nervous nelly, but I haven’t really had a proper home before now and there is a lot to learn. My humans are pretty ace and have given me lots of treats and lots of attention. We all think my previous owners are utter douchebags.

I have already overcome some serious stuff since moving in with my humans Thursday lunchtime… including being quite sick on the journey home…it was a bit embarrassing, but the humans were really good about it.

I have learnt how to climb up and down stairs…I hadn’t ever used them before. I was a bit worried about it to start off with, but now I’m a pro.

I have shown my disgust at the bought beds the humans got me, and have much preferred the old sleeping bag they pulled out of the airing cupboard and laid down instead. It smells like my humans, which chills me out.


I have also proved that I am fully housetrained, with no whizzes (that’s what Mum calls them) overnight and only one when I was left alone with Dad on the first day…but I think that was over-excitement from watching the Die Hard quadrilogy together.

Dog watching TV

My recall is already improving and Mum is already letting me off the lead for a short time, when there are no other woofs around. They are distracting and sometimes a bit scary. I made a few new woof friends yesterday though, which Mum and Dad were pleased about.

I better go… Mum and Dad are calling me out in the garden…so I am off to go sniff a billion things…




7 responses to “And Woof makes 3

  1. Awwww bless. Im sure this is the beginning of a very happy family, congrats. :o)

  2. Probably one of my favourite blog posts ever 🙂

  3. Chekhov is gorgeous. It’s great to hear a story with a happy ending.

  4. Sarah P (mabel&bean)

    He’s absolutely wonderful and sounds like he’s settling in wonderfully. What a fab thing you have done for him 🙂

  5. This is a gorgeous dog, he seems to settle well, congratulations to the three of you.

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