For when the sock gremlin attacks

We all have had a rogue sock problem….you have searched high and low for it’s mate, but it has disappeared… instead of chucking it in the bin… use that RSP to your advantage.

Use it to stuff something

My homemade draught excluder is made from scraps of old clothes and stuffed full of more!

Blue Heart Line

Use it as a duster glove

I love me a sock duster glove… I often pop a safety pin on them so I know they have been rehoused to dusters when they go through the wash (you don’t wash your dusters!? Ewwwwww). I have been known to use barely worn socks (the ones you have just put on for an hour before bed and they aren’t crawling to the washbasket themselves) as duster gloves before popping them in the wash. HURRAH for sock duster gloves!

Gold Heart Line

Send to the rag bag

Growing up with Papa Pigeon for a father, no clothes went to an early grave. They sometimes went to a particularly late oily and mucky grave, but only after every inch had been covered in grot. My father loves a good rag bag, as does the HTB. A bag (or a box…we don’t discriminate) full of hanging-together-by-the-seams clothes that can be used to polish up a bit of metal work on the bike, plug a hole for a bit or just to wipe your grotty hands on.

Blue Heart Line Pop it in your composter

I am in love with my composter. Any fabric that doesn’t get recycled in our house (which is VERY little) gets cut up and chucked in our composter…. it loves socks. Nom Nom Nom.

Gold Heart Line Make a sock puppet

Feeling whimiscal? Use your sock to make a puppet. Such a great activity for younger and older kids to do…younger ones can use glue and the older ones can sew….

Blue Heart LineMake an dog toy

My newest and absolute favourite place to rehouse old socks. Tie your socks together in knots and let your dog go wild. Socks smell of you (your feet REALLY smell of you…that’s why dogs love to chew shoes), so having a big knotted ball of sock to play with is dog heaven. Make sure they play with it supervised though, just in case.



One response to “For when the sock gremlin attacks

  1. I pop rogue socks back in the wash so they either find a friend, find a new friend or just generally delay the problem for another week. I’m sure there’s one very clean sock doing this constantly

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