Chekhov Chats: On Dinners

Chekhov Chats Dogs Dinner what I feed my dog

It has come to my conclusion (with Daddy’s constant grumbling as support to my theory) that I am spolit when it comes to my dinners. I can also say that when I have asked other woofs on walks, they have come to the same conclusion.

The humans aren’t sure what my feeding arrangements were before I was rescued, but I was pretty skinny when I got here…like models banned from the catwalk skinny… so as you can imagine,  I now like to devour everything given to me at record speed.

Despite being a rescue woof, or even just a woof for that matter, I do not eat dog food from a can….there is no Pedigree Bum in our house.  Dog food is actually quite expensive and Mum, as you know, is always on the hunt for a bargain, but she didn’t want me to just eat rubbish.

Mum also decided that I should get something a little different for each meal. She knows she would be bored out of her mind just eating pasta for the rest of her life…even if it did come with a different sauce every now and then. So she scoured the internet looking for the best way to feed me.

After what felt like a woof week, but Mum reckons was only a few hours, of forum and testimonal reading, and after considering feeding me raw (but realising that Daddy would go MENTAL if I got more fresh meat than him…) she stumbled onto CSJ. A lovely company who make woof food….at really reasonable prices. A 15kg sack of my food is £12.30…..that is sack that actually weighs only 3 kg less than I do right now! And it is full of good stuff, no rubbish….like E numbers and additives….

Now Mum just cooks a little extra of whatever she is cooking for their dinner and mixes it in with a bit of my kibble….my favourite so far has to be a mix of kibble, pasta, mushrooms and chicken…that was lip-smacking good.

Chekhov Chats Dogs Dinner what I feed my dog

My favourite foods are peanut butter, pasta, peas, mushrooms, all meat, and CSJ That’ll Do! 

I also enjoy drinking water from Daddy’s glass….but he is not so keen.

I don’t like celery and peppers….they are NOT nice…but Mum keeps hiding them in my food and mixing them with other yummy stuff, so I eat them anyway.

Ooooo…Dad is in the kitchen….I’m off to go sniff stuff….




3 responses to “Chekhov Chats: On Dinners

  1. Unless it’s human food, my dog only eats James Wellbeloved or this farm dog stuff…. can’t have them eating manky food!

    • Just heard so many skin and temperament problems from ‘high street’ pet foods, which are packaged and advertised to appease owners, but are filled with nasty stuff. Chekhov barely parps evil dog parts, and his coat has improved 100% since we got him, and I think that is all down to food.

  2. Sarah P (mabel&bean)

    Agree that the food should be good – we get ours from a local supplier and they have their own called Europa – no nasties in it.

    My 4 love broccoli (cooked) and REALLY love carrots too 🙂

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