5 posts: v3

So this has had a little bit of an unintentional break due to Christmas etc, but it is back and here to stay.

Other bloggers are FIT fullstop. They are an endless source of inspiration and information. Here are 5 posts that I have seriously enjoyed this month.

The Enviable Photoshoot

Kat from Rock N Roll Bride featured this gorgeous woodland motorcylce engagement shoot on her blog, and I kicked myself for not doing this for ours. I cannot wait till the weather gets warmer and we can do a similar ‘family’ shoot plus woof.

The Genius Hoarder

I have still failed to fill our GIANT American fridgefreezer…so I loved all these freezer filling ideas from Jill! I love hints and tips like these because here in the UK, we waste so much food, and this is a way to esure it lasts.

The Lusted After Home

I bum Lulastic’s home. I effing love it. I love how her and her husb (which is the right way to say it you know…you don’t spell husband…hubsand…) pull things in from the street. P is never so keen when I trawl….but I am tempted to trawl…hide it and then say..’What this? This has always been here!’

The Dog Walkers Dream

Elsie has the most fab mudroom. Now we have a woof (and because I am crazy), I have been drooling over such things…our mudroom currently consists of a box with a bin liner in it where we throw our wellies….. le sigh…. I can dream….

The Appliance Envy

The gorgeous Claire, from ClairabelleMakes, has just got a KitchenAid mixer.… please hold my hand and drool with me.

So run along and click on all the links won’t you? Tell ’em I sent you!



4 responses to “5 posts: v3

  1. I keep stroking the Kitchen aid. Am I weird?!

    Thanks for the mention! x

  2. AN excellent round up – thanks to The Genius Hoarder I now have an answer to my buring question about freezing flour!
    Inspired as always pidgey. :o)

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