Hop Hop Hop

I seem to have completely lost all space and time awareness this week… how are you all? We are all ok here, the weather is bat shit crazy and I have barely slept due to the dog being frightened of said bat shit crazy weather (he barked at the wind rattling the house for ages till we slept with the TV on so he couldn’t hear it).

I was off sick on Monday, probably due to playing volleyball in the pouring rain on Friday and my immune system being quite low due to the lack of sleep recently.

I have also been a little preoccupied with creating some lovely new additions for the shop this weekend, in between catching up on sleep and chores.

Bunny The Pigeon's NestBunny The Pigeon's NestBunny The Pigeon's Nest

These gorgeous little long ears are available in the shop now! I think they totally make up for my lack of presence here at the moment… agreeeee?



2 responses to “Hop Hop Hop

  1. Bunny is gorgeous, am a bit concerned by the lack of arms tho. :o)

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