Lately in March

Stock Rabbits 007 (25pc smaller)Two of my little Hunny Buns… buy them over at the shop

Watching – Endless repeats of CSI. Is it wrong to love the predictability of Scooby Doo for grown ups? I love when shows become so engrained in your life that they feel a little cosy and safe. CSI is my go to whenever I feel a bit run down, because I know that if I fall asleep to it, i will wake up and know exactly what is going on in the episode.

Consuming – very little fruit and veg. I am a little concerned I am going to get scurvy. This cold weather just makes me hunker down and pray for carbs. Someone send me cake and bread!

Obsessing over – My old lady hands. I noticed on the drive home today that my hands are wrinkling in the cold, like they do when you spend to long in the bath. They are air pruning…..and it NOT attractive. I am not sure if it the lack of liquids I am drinking or just the fact they need moisturising. I have ordered some cotton gloves so I can cream up and still do stuff.

Creating – Stock for craft fairs…between yawns. I am so cream crackered and I am pushing myself to work hard to ensure I have enough stock for the end of the month. I won’t lie, I have yawned 3 times just writing this paragraph.

Looking forward to – Weddings, babies and gin. In the next 12 months, these are the things that dominate my calendar….and I can’t wait.

How is your month shaping up?




2 responses to “Lately in March

  1. LOVING the his n her critters 🙂 This month I’m putting in extra hours at work (unpaid…. booo!) so the only thing I live for at the mo is my bed – sad but true!

    I have recently finished a knitted jumper – so I’ll perusing my patterns for a new project (if I can stay awake long enough!)

  2. Loving the quick post, quick tip for a brill hand moisturiser (do last thing a@ night when you go to bed) wash your hands then rub in a tiny bit of Olive oil (not enough to have to wash it off).
    Oh, also, if you push yourself too hard AND dont eat well at the same time it might come back to bit you on the b*m later, look after yourself missus – Id hate to think of you getting ill. :o(

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