Chekhov Chats: Don’t look at me (Nervous Dog Alert)

Chekhov chats nervous dogs barking

Dear Humans,

I have been told by other dogs I have met, that you two leggeds don’t like being barked at. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise and explain why I bark my face off whenever I see any of you.

I won’t lie and tell you I am the bravest in the pack, because I’m not. The rents aren’t sure what sort of life I had before I was abandoned in a public loo, but judging by my previous owners choice of abandonment place, it was probably pretty bad. My life experiences have left me a very nervous dog, especially when it comes to humans.

So imagine my uncomfortableness, when I get stared at (a dominance thing in dog speak BTW), you bare your teeth in what is known as a ‘smile’ and I am reached for by clutchy hands.  And you wonder why I want to sound more scary than you so you will leave me alone?

I try hard to tell you that you are frightening me by barking, and you carry on giving me the eyeball like you want a fight. I don’t speak human you know, I only speak dog. I know I am loud, but if you want me to be less scared, ignore me completely. Look away, turn your back, then I know you aren’t going to lunge at me. I will quite happily come and sniff you once I can see you aren’t threatening.

My barking isn’t aggressive,  dear little old lady I met on my walk last week, your blue rinse and big magnified eyes behind your glasses scare me, so please don’t tell my mum that I am a horrible dog, or she is likely to knock your block off. She knows I am just scared, and that actually I am a lovely boy if you take the time to meet me on my terms.

Children seriously give me the willies. They are all loud and unpredictable. They move in all directions and they REALLY STARE in my face. They are my height too, so they are all eyes and noise. They seriously freak me out.

I am getting better human folks. I have been home for just over a month now and I am slowly getting used to you. I am barking less and am a bit calmer. I really like the humans who come to my house and feed me treats all evening. They are the best sort.
I also am getting to like my woof buddies humans. I see some of them everyday, and their dogs tell me that they are the good sort. Sometimes if I am brave and ask nicely, they give me treats too. I love treats.

I am trying hard to conquer my fears, and on behalf of all the nervous and barking woofs out there…. please don’t look at us… we’ll come around.

Chekhov chats nervous dogs barkingI have included a gratuitous cute picture to aid in the barking apology….. I was tired after killing a box.





3 responses to “Chekhov Chats: Don’t look at me (Nervous Dog Alert)

  1. Aww bless him!!! And the old lady thing made me cross. Poor Chekhov x

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