DIY: Tiny Calender Magnets

We would be lost without a calendar. We have moved a lot of our life organising to digital (much to P’s absolute relief and my filofax’s horror!) but I still need a visual reference. We set up our hallway to include a calendar and I knew I just needed to have some little magnets to tell me when to take the bins out.

We have 3 bins…and they rotate and switch and jiggle about all over the calendar and make me dizzy…so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Photos for Beck 030

Everyone has some of these right? They give them away in packs of yoghurts and you can very rarely get a full set. I decided these would be perfect to re-use for something more useful.

Small DIY calender magents reuse

Using white labels, cover the magnet and then split it into 3 sections. I did it into 6, but then realised it wasn’t the best idea! Don’t worry if your labels overlap…we are going to trim them off in a bit.

Using Sharpies or felt tips to colour in the sections to colour code to your bins/events/people/pets etc etc etc.

Photos for Beck 033Photos for Beck 034

I coloured the magnet on top of a plastic baggie as not to make a mark on my desk. Worked quite nicely!

Cut them out, trimming round the excess and then pop them on your board!Photos for Beck 039Photos for Beck 040

Job done! You of course can neaten them up and make them smaller or a different shape. I just needed a quick visual reference!

Easy peasy right?




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