Stuffed Owls The Pigeon's Nest

Last Saturday I had a craft fair. I foolishly left my phone in the car and by the time I noticed the first visitors were making their way through the doors, so I apologise for the lack of pictorials.

It was lousy weather, rain, snow and blow-your-make-up-off-your-face winds, but we had a good trickle of folks through the door.

I really wasn’t expecting to do very well, but I took just under £80! MY BEST TAKING YET! Let’s just say a victory dance was done (there was a fist pumping and bum wiggling combo), a pizza was ordered and I have been on cloud nine ever since. I know it might not seem very much to some people, but it has truly spurred me on to continue with my little business.

Thank you for all your continued support my wonderful loves…it makes my world.

Pop over and see what I’ve been creating at The Pigeon’s Nest.

SignaturePsssst…. do you like my new owls? I had them on my stall, but am yet to pop them up on the shop…would anyone be interested?


4 responses to “Success!

  1. I would love an owl.

  2. Well done you! Thats a brilliant start to the year. I love your owls (are they doorstops?) Im making a new batch of owl cushions for my new work colleagues (after the big make last year (60x) Im cranking them out much quicker now).

  3. Congratulations- that’s brilliant! Just wait til that trickle of people turns into a flood. That’s going to be some seriously bum-wiggly victory dance :p

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