Woof Walks

Woof walks (1) Woof walks (2) Woof walks (3) Woof walks (4) Woof walks (5) Woof walks (6) Woof walks (8)Woof walks (7) Woof walks (9)

I am really loving getting outside in the fresh air, despite the fact that the weather is about a month behind itself and nobody has told Jack Frost to do one.

Owning Chekhov is making me get outdoors and walk for at least an hour a day, which for someone so un-inclined to do ‘planned and agreed exercise’ as I am, is nothing short of a miracle.

My favourite walks are in the woods.  Even before I had a dog and I used to wander round Alexandra Palace, all dogless and weird-looking, groups of trees have been rather appealing to get lost in.

I think I like the solitude…and the fact that there are less ruddy people to share my mud and snow. Sometimes you just need a little physical space.



4 responses to “Woof Walks

  1. that tree is incredible!

    Come enter my GIVEAWAY!

  2. Gorgeous pic of ze pooch running (and grinning!)

    Nice to get away and get some fresh air… all this blogging lark can be hazardous to your health!


    • He loves the woods too! Sometimes over these cold months too much hibernation isn’t good for me…oh gawd….did I just say that? I need a cup of tea and some Jonathon Creek STAT!

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