Thrifty Seedling Planting

Now I have my own garden, I have been aching to get out there and plant a billion things. It taken us ages just to clear the damn thing and P is still hacking out tree stumps…8 down, 8 to go. Not only is P having to do his best lumberjack impression, but the Great British weather is holding something against me….Er hello? Weather? Did you not notice my calender? It says APRIL….that means spring….so get on with it please… (as I type this the heavens have opened and MORE ruddy snow is falling…)

The lack of warmth has meant that I have had to put off and put off planting some seeds, for fear of them not making it. (That sounds a little dire and serious right?!) Getting to the ‘throw my hands in the air and shout sod it’ stage, I have decided to take matters into my own green fingers and plant some seeds up in my house…screw you minus 2 degrees!

I am all for those cute little seedling trays you can buy, but then you have to remove your seedlings and not damaged roots and blah, blah, blah….my option is to use ‘pots’ that I can plant WITH my seedlings. Less fuss…no cost.

thrifty recycled seedling pots thrifty recycled seedling pots


Please look at how crazy I look? I have soil in eggshells on my windowsill…my neighbours would think I was mental if they could see in my windows…

What I love the most about the eggshells is that I can write on them what I have planted! FYI – RB are Runner Beans! 😀

I simply crack open my eggs nearer one end and then pop the larger half into this empty egg carton and then pop some soil in. Easy Peasy. I get four from making a victoria sponge…like I need an excuse….

thrifty recycled seedling pots

Loo Roll Inners & Cardboard boxes

Loo roll tubes are perfect seedling planters. Just snip 4 diagonal slits around one end and fold them in and over on themsleves to create a base. These will rot down nicely once you have popped it in the ground.

Also toothpaste boxes, icing sugar boxes…anything you have to hand really…these are cardboard, so will again rot down around the seedlings once they are popped in the ground. Shiny does decompose…but it sounds sad to say that…so let’s pretend I didn’t!

So am I officially mental or what?



6 responses to “Thrifty Seedling Planting

  1. I love this.. brilliant and environmentally friendly! I will be getting my garden to late in the year to do the same, I’ll have to buy established flowers from a garden centre, but maybe next year…

  2. I hear ya sister, Ive been itching to get my seed potatoes planted for weeks (but not a good idea when the veg patch is under several inches of snow!).
    I have a wonderful wee gadget (called a paper potter), basically a bit of wood, that lets you turn newspaper into seeding pots so you can plant the whole thing and the paper just rots away in the garden.
    I said sod it last weekend and planted some Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Alliums and Calendula and put them in the (very) cold frame. Hopefully this weekend I can get started on my radishes and lettuce. I lurve growing my own. :o)

  3. We’re all mental somehow! Now we have a flash flat Ive realised I can’t sleep with the door to the en-suite open…becasue monsters might get me! Yes, that is what goes through my brain!

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