What I Wore: The Snowing Spring Wedding

What I Wore (posh) headerSpring wedding outfit boohooSpring wedding outfit boohoo Spring wedding outfit boohoo Spring wedding outfit boohoo

We braved snowy Norwich two weekends ago to attend the wedding of two very lovely friends. P was asked to do the photography, so after dinner, I made him shoot upstairs with me to take a few snaps of what I wore before I lost him for the evening to his lens….

I never really get to see him at weddings because he is often perched behind a camera body, but this time round I think he had heeded my nagging and was up and down and dancing and generally enjoying himself as well as snapping away.

Needless to say at our wedding, he has a camera ban…..

I have to say that I love this dress, but I was a little upset that the black belt rubbed off on the coral fabric. I did contact Boohoo and they said I could return it for a replacement, but after a few washes I have managed to scrub the stains out of existence. I am so glad I bought it, but I will be wearing it with one of my own belts from now on.

I have never ordered from Boohoo before now, as I have always feared my body and pins too long for their ‘lady region flashing frocks’, but actually they are doing a lot more ‘midi’ length dresses, which come up a good length on me, and I may actually purchase myself another one of these in the black.

Dress – Boohoo
Petticoat – Down Under Lingerie in Bournemouth, UK
Shoes – Odeon
Cardigan – Thrifted
Hair clips & Corsage – Primark
Nail Polish – Rimmel Lycra Pro in Peppermint

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7 responses to “What I Wore: The Snowing Spring Wedding

  1. Swit Swoo! Looking good lady!

  2. ooh-er missus you look flipping fabulous!

    The black, coral and mint look amazing together 🙂


  3. You look really pretty in everything you wore .. and everything looked really expensive .. a proper Lady!!!!

  4. Well yes of course … LOL!!!!!

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