Lately in April

flower pink paul lismer photography

Watching – Vampire Diaries. Man, I love that show…and Ian Somerhalder. I realize that my preference for Spike in Buffy is becoming apparent. I like a fictional bad boy…real ones are too much trouble mind you.

Consuming –  whatever I can get my hands on. I am an eating machine recently…it needs to cease before my wedding frock fitting! *goes and climbs the stairs 3 times*

Obsessing over –  wedding DIY. I woke up the other day and seriously weirded myself out that our big day was only 5 months away. Every chance I get between work and the shop, I am creating lovely bits for our party day.

Creating –  Christmas stuff already?! I had an order for my Robins and for some Christmas puds that I will be putting up on the shop in September….some people are seriously prepared…but I didn’t have them ready made or anything….

Looking forward to –  The rest of this week. It’s currently my Easter Holidays, meaning we are able to get some house decorating done on top of my busy schedule. Look out hallway….I am coming for you!

How is your month looking my lovelies?



4 responses to “Lately in April

  1. Yay, I am also a Spike admirer :o) Sounds like you are having a super busy month (so far), Im hoping to focus on the veg garden with some crafting thrown in. xx

  2. I am totally stealing this format for a forthcoming blog post, so that can be my reply!

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