365 days later…

Love Birds The Pigeon's Nest Birthday

It has been a whole year since I opened my virtual doors to The Pigeon’s Nest and I can’t believe how much I have achieved since that fated day in a cake shop.

I want to say a big thank you to all of you who have bought one of my little creations…you are seriously my favourite people ever.

I relish every second I am making for the shop and I honestly would love this to be my real-pinch-me-is-this-my-life job. Each and every one of you who have purchased a little something have given me hope and taken me a little wiggle closer to that dream…. you are superheroes with pants on the outside…I cannot tell you how much I want to hug you all.

I’m off to pour a gin to celebrate…and I care not that it is pre-lunch…


Pssssst…. you can looka t all the lovely things I make here at the website or here & like me on Facebook!


4 responses to “365 days later…

  1. Yay you, onwards and upwards pidgey. :o)

  2. Congrats on 356 days of crafting and selling success! 🙂 x


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