Controlled Chaos

There is a lot of wedding related gumpf going on at the Nest at the moment, most of it documented in lists, tick sheets and piles of stuff. I can’t wait to share all my wedding bits and bobs with you all, but I want to keep some of it a secret before the big day!

But I can share these little snapshots with you….

Wedding plans (8) Wedding plans (1) Wedding plans (2) Wedding plans (3) Wedding plans (7)Wedding plans (6)Wedding plans (5)

1: Hanging decor for the reception cut from scrap papers
2: Table sprinkles cut from scrap paper
3 & 4: Replacing the broken hair comb on my mother’s veil which I am going to wear
5: A list of golden oldies
6: My list of to do
7: Handmade decorations for the reception being prepped



3 responses to “Controlled Chaos

  1. Oooh this looks very intriguing, cant wait for updates. Dont try to do it all yourself tho, rope your friends in and have a crafty morning or two. That way you wont put all the pressure on yourself (or you could even get P involved!). :o)

  2. Love this sneak peek! Wedding plans are very exciting.

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