Chekhov Chats: On getting better

Chekhov chats: nervous dogs

Sometimes I know that my humans (and their neighbours) get frustrated with my fearfulness. I bark at bins being closed, car doors being shut and people walking 3 streets away….ok…that is a bit of a exaggeration…just one street away.

I have learnt such a lot in the 8 weeks since I have come home with my humans, and I am getting braver…honest.

Cars – when Mum & Dad walked me for the first time, I completely freaked out and tried to jump a fence to get away from a car moving towards me.Ā  I walk daily next to cars now…they don’t even fuss me. I do find travelling in the car a bit frightening still, but I have improved with that too. I have managed a full 20 minute journey without being sick…Mum danced in the street and everything when I achieved that.

TV – It didn’t take me long to work out that the Radio and TV just make noise…there are no monsters in them.

A plethora of house noises – The heating clicking, radiators gurgling, Mum’s phone, the landline, drawers opening and shutting, doors closing, the noisy fridge, Dad using the ice machine, Mum’s food mixer, the shower…all these things used really upset me…but now? I AM ALL OVER IT.

People on walks – Granted they are still pretty scary, but I don’t try to escape my harness to get away from them now. If they have treats I like them a bit better. I can actually meet humans if they have woofs of their own now.

When I arrived home, I had no commands whatsoever. I knew nothing about living in a human world.

Now I know the basics; sit, lie down, come, get down/floor, leave it. Pretty good for 8 weeks right? I am learning a new language after all. I am also learning (and getting right most of the time) is ‘enough’ (stop pulling on the lead), heel, ‘come away’ (leave whatever you are doing) and ‘over’ (jumping over stuff). I also mastered the stairs and how to open the doors pretty quickly.

I just hope Mum and Dad can look at this list and remember they are doing a good job.

C x


8 responses to “Chekhov Chats: On getting better

  1. Good work you guys- sounds like Chekhov is feeling happier and more settled every day šŸ™‚ xx

  2. Fab pic – love the teddy :o)

  3. Chekhov reminds me of when we first had Petal. She was so scared of everything and is so happy and a lot calmer now. He’s lucky to have such lovely parents.

  4. Just been reading your blog from Elly’s link and it is great. šŸ™‚ I also wanted to say that I recognise so much of this post. I think we’re a couple of months ahead though and it does keep getting better. We can even contemplate pub gardens now for the long summer walks, if summer ever happens!

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